What is Coaching?
Coaching is a relationship that focuses on the client to target specific goals and objectives, develop and implement an action plan, identify constraints and develop strategies for sustained behavioral changes resulting in accomplishment and success whether that be moving to the next level in your career, running the marathon or writing that book you’ve been thinking about for years.  A coach is someone who will be on your side to listen, facilitate, encourage, sometimes push and hold you accountable toward successfully achieving your goals and setting new ones.  As your coach I want you to be successful in all aspects of your life but our work will be focused on a particular area or goal that you have set for yourself.

How Does Coaching differ from Therapy?
Both coaching and therapy use numerous skills in common such as active listening and feedback.  Nonetheless coachin
g and therapy are essentially different entities.  The key distinction between the two has more to do with mindset than method.  While both coaching and therapy can help people make major life changes, coaching is less about overcoming a problem or internal conflict and more focused on enhancing strengths, setting and achieving specific goals and nurturing untapped possibilities.  Rather than serving as a healer, a coach acts as a facilitator.  Typically when a person seeks a coach rather than a therapist they want to become better at whatever it is they are focused on whether that be work, personal relationships or just achieving a goal that keeps eluding you on your own.

Much of the interaction in a coaching relationship is done via the telephone, internet and fax.  As a therapist I am not allowed to do this.

What is the coaching session like?
Typically coaching sessions last around 30 minutes and are done by telephone once a week.  Prior to these sessions, focus questions are emailed or faxed and there is an agenda designed by both  coach and client.

Coaching Engagements
Coaching contracts may last anywhere from 30 days to 12 months.  Cost is based on length of the contract and must be paid in advance.  Long term programs of 6 months or more may be entitled to a partial refund if cancelled for any reason.